Overview of our Curriculum

Tairua School’s shared vision for our students has been developed to meet the changing needs of society in which our children are a part of.


he Tairua School Citizen is based on the values, skills, attitudes, dispositions, skills and knowledge needed to contribute to society. It reflects the vision, values and principles set out in the revised New Zealand curriculum introduced in 2010.

Our students require an up to date, relevant curriculum that will ensure success in a dynamically changing world. It is impossible to predict future economies, technologies, job markets, social climates or environments, therefore, the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values we develop must be diverse.

The Tairua School curriculum delivers a generative, conceptual based learning programme that develops essential Literacy and Numeracy skills on a daily bases, within a meaningful context. Our conceptual /experiential based curriculum develops ideas, opinions, possibilities and requires the children to think for themselves in creative and divergent ways. Our curriculum and learning spaces are energetic and vibrant places to be part of, that build on yesterday’s successes.

Environmental Education, Information Communication Technology, Education outside the Classroom, Social Sciences and Science all feature strongly within the Tairua School Citizen concept. Our learners require access to cutting edge technology and this is supported through effective inquiry based activity. Laptops, Net book computers, promethium boards and wireless network connections school wide make for an exciting learning environment. Our curriculum requires the students to make sense of the world around them and encourages learning opportunities outside the classroom in their immediate, national and global environment.

We believe in developing life-long learning supported through a robust values system. Respect, Strength of Character and Integrity are important values we instil in our students and model as a learning community.