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What is the school timetable?

08.50am  … BLOCK 1
10.00am  … Morning Tea
10.15am  … BLOCK 2
11.15am … Whole School Fitness / Break
11.40am … BLOCK 3
12.45pm … Lunchtime
1.30pm …   BLOCK 4
3.00pm … End of school day

Is there a school uniform?

We do not have a school uniform. Students are encouraged to wear suitable clothing for an active school day. Shoulders need to be covered for sun safety. We ask that messages and images on students clothing be appropriate and in-offensive.

We have a uniquely designed school shirt which is given to students to wear when representing Tairua School at extra curricular events.

Will I be expected to help with transport from time to time?

There are occasions when parents will be asked to help transport children to various venues for school activities.

Children travelling to these venues will be asked to pay towards the cost of cars provided.  All cars used to transport children on school trips must have a current Warrant of Fitness and Registration. Drivers must have a valid NZ Drivers License.

Can I take my child out of school during school hours?

Certain appointments—such as medical and dental, cannot always be made outside school hours and pupils may be withdrawn for these.

Remember to report to the office at this time. If you take your child out of school during school hours you must sign the book located in the school office as part of our safety protocol.

Does the school have dental support?

The school is served by the Mobile Dental Clinic which is run by the Waikato District Health Board and visits the school once a year.

Please contact Christine Duff (Dental Therapist) on 07 866 4004 if you need any emergency treatment.

What is the school’s policy on smoking?

In the interests of your child’s health and to comply with the law, we do not permit smoking at any time in the school buildings or grounds.

We ask visitors to respect our wish to provide a smoke-free environment for children and staff.

What is the parent donation?

The voluntary school fee donation is set at $10 per term per child ($40 per year) which can be paid at any time throughout the year.

Do senior students experience technology programs?

The Year 7 and 8 children travel by bus to Whangamata for technology once a week. The bus leaves Fridays at 11.00am and returns by 2:30pm. Reports are issued in July and December. There is a fee for material costs associated with this curriculum area to be paid at the start of the year.

For your child’s safety, covered footwear is essential and enforced.

What emergency drills does the school perform?

All classes are instructed in fire, earthquake, tsunami and dangerous person drills. Drills are carried out once a term.

Can I use the school pool outside of school hours?

The school operates the pool on a key holder system for holiday and out-of-school swimming.  The cost of a key is set annually and is currently $60.00.  Keys are available to Tairua School families at the office.

A set of pool rules is given to each key holder when a sub is paid.

How sun-smart is Tairua School?

Tairua is a sunsmart school.  During terms 1 & 4 students need to wear hats, shirts and tops that cover the shoulders and torso.  Sunscreen is supplied in every classroom.

What are the stationery requirements?

At the beginning of term 1 parents are sent home with a list of stationery requirements.  Stationery is sold at school at cost.  Purchases by parents are optional and they may buy from wherever  they wish.  There is a photocopying charge for all pupils.

What religious programs are available?

Local people are willing to come to implement the Bible in School programme. These people are trained and accredited by the Churches Education Commission.

The programme taken is non-denominational and has a Christian basis. The syllabus used is the only one approved by the Ministry of Education. Specific church doctrine is not allowed. The local Tairua churches have agreed to cover costs for material used so there is no cost to parents. Any child not participating in Bible in Schools, will be involved in the regular class program. Please indicate on your child’s enrollment  form or write a note stating which option you wish your child to attend and give it to the office.

Bible in Schools takes place every Tuesday at 2.30pm.

When is an assembly held?
  • Student leader assemblies are held every fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon from 2.30pm. This assembly is for students and teachers to discuss and prepare for the week ahead and to allow students to have their say in school matters. Student leaders run the assembly and full student input is encouraged.
  • Whole school assembly for parents and community members is held fortnightly on Friday at 2:30pm under the shade sail in the lunch eating area. This is when notices of encouragement for effort are given out. Exhibits of class projects, individual work or drama are often displayed here. Assembly dates will be advertised in the school newsletter and website.
What can you tell me about management of behaviour?

At Tairua School we focus our conduct on our CITIZEN model. This model encompasses seven concepts developed by students and staff that cover what we value at our school. It recognises that children and teachers have a right to enjoy their days at school in a stable and safe environment.  Children, staff and parents need to be responsible for their own actions and show respect for each other, their property and their environment. Classroom management is suited to the year level and parents are contacted and informed of their child’s achievements, progress and needs. Parents are welcome and encouraged to meet with class teachers to discuss their child’s learning or any other concerns.

What is your first-aid policy?

Accidents will be attended to by the staff member on duty. Parents will be notified (and doctor) if necessary. In cases of sickness, parents will be contacted so they can take their child home. Please ensure the school has another person to contact if you are not available.

Medications for bee stings, asthma (if necessary) should be kept at school and renewed regularly. If you wish medication to administered at school (antibiotics etc) please fill out the Medicine Dispensing form available in the office.

How do I report and absence?

Parents are asked to contact the school by phone on 07 864 8590 (by 9:30am) or by email when your child / children are away from school. If your child arrives late to school, they need to report to the office.

You can also report an absence right here by using this form.

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How does the school raise funds?

After permission has been gained, fundraising for worthwhile events e.g. Fred Hollows, Daffodil Day, World Vision may be undertaken with pupils carrying out the organisation of the event as fully as possible.

The main fund raiser for the school is the Wine and Food Festival which is held in early January every year. The money raised from this event goes towards teaching resources, teacher aides, library books, school trips and entertainment groups. For further information on the Wine and Food Festival please visit the Festival website.

How do you deal with lost property?

Unclaimed property is kept in a box by the side door to the office.  Parents are able to look through this at any time.  Clothes are shown to the children at student assemblies.

Any unclaimed clothing is donated to the Opportunity Shop at the end of each term.

What is your approach to school lunches?

Tairua Bakery provides lunches once a week. A list of healthy lunch choices is available in the office.

We also have Sushi Tuesday provided by Aaron’s Kitchen and a select menu is available at the office.

Children order their lunch before school using a named envelope. Lunches are delivered at 12:30pm and given out. Please send the correct money.

As we are an environmentally friendly school we prefer school lunches to be wrapped in paper not glad wrap.

Please do not provide your children with chocolate or lollies for eating at school. Our BOT have developed a concise healthy eating policy to ensure students are offered  healthy incentives and opportunities.

As a parent or caregiver, how can I help the school?

Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to liaise closely with the school to keep in touch with the welfare and progress of their children before 8:45am or after 3:00pm.

Parents/Caregivers who come into the school between 8:50am-3:00pm must report to the office or Principal.

Parents/Caregivers are welcome at all Board of Trustee meetings that are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30pm in the staff room.

Parents who are able to share their time and skills (coaching sports, helping in library, providing transport, helping at camps etc) are valuable resources and are much appreciated.

What is the “kick-start” program?

Playcentre/Kindergarten group visits are welcome. Kick Start to School Programme—this programme may be attended up to one term before starting school.  This programme is run by our New Entrant teacher. The programme takes place on Friday mornings from 9:00am-11:00am.

Kick Start to School is designed to help children, parents and caregivers make a seamless and enjoyable transition to school and to develop children’s readiness for school in literacy, numeracy, motor co-ordination and social skills.

What is the policy around parking?

All cars using the car park must be parked in designated areas before dropping off or picking up students.  Whenever the car park is full, cars may be parked on the verge beside the estuary.

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