The Famous Flag Debate

The hot topic of our National flag change has played a significant role in our classroom environment over these last few weeks. A few of our latest experiences include a Skype session with a graphic designer and a member of the flag consideration board, persuasive writing, debating, statistical reports and flag designing.

Our Skype session motivated the students to compare and contrast the meaning of a symbol, logo and picture. They asked questions to further their understanding of symbolism as well as features necessary for a flag design.

A key statement the children took away is simplicity is key when designing a flag, as well as the complete understanding on why a group/club/school/nation needs a flag or wants to change it.

It should represent who we are today, not just our past- Nikau

I look up to the flag and think to myself “does this represent our generation?” NO!- Jake

We have been looking closely at Persuasive Writing and how it can be used to express an opinion and convince others. Our class is split over the flag change, which provided great motivation for the students to express their opinion.

Above are some quotes from two students entries and below are two samples from Charlie and Duke who read beautifully at assembly on Friday. Keep an eye out for some videos of the persuasive text.

Keep the Flag

To those people who want a new flag, I say no! It is brilliant as it is. It seems to me that it is representing all that we need it to. The blue background to represent our royal navy; the stars to show our place in the South Pacific Ocean and the Union Jack to show our dependable ties with the British Empire.

Why doesn’t Australia just change theirs if the similarities is a problem? We have had this flag since 1902 and that should change. We do not want the ANZACS and the history of our nation to be forgotten.

The change of flag will cost at least $26 million dollars, what a waste. This money could be spent on our health or education system.

So, do you really still think we need to change our flag?

Duke Land

Time for a Change 

Will people see our nations flag like Australia’s? Yes! They will! Will they see our Maori culture through our flag. No! They wont. We need a flag with culture and one that shows what we believe and value. Who’s with me? New Zealand’s flag needs more Maori symbolism in it because the symbols we currently have on our flag are dominantly English but we are not just an English nation. We need a flag which represents our multi culture and the heritage of both our Maori and English ancestors. Soldiers didn’t die under and for our flag. They fought for our countries independence. We are a nation that stands on our own, not one that relies on others. Our flag right now is up there on that pole and it does not have a nation behind it who is proud to call it ‘Our Flag’. The fact that the prime minister gets teased because the flag looks like Australias should be reason enough to change. The only difference is one star, that’s just not good enough.

A good flag is all we need people.

Charlie Sinton


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    Great to see your website page and detail on your flag discussion …. how did the kid feels about todays 4 flags ? will be interesting to see how the public reacts to the choices …. thanks for letting me be part of the process yours tim

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