On a frosty Thursday morning, 60 of Tairua School students made the windy drive to YMCA Camp Adair, hidden among the Hunua Ranges. A day of High Ropes Courses, Confidence Courses, Tight Rope Walking, Flying Foxes and torturous Obstacle Courses was waiting to begin… and what a day it was!

The smiles on our children’s faces was priceless, as they achieved challenges they never thought possible.

This experience will always be remembered, and it was only possible thanks to our amazing Parent Helpers, who took time out of their busy lives to ensure our students had a camp to remember.

As well as this, costs for the camp were kept down substantially, purely because of funding contributed by our PFA. It’s really great to see the benefits of all the work that goes into our Wine and Food Festival. THANK YOU… THANK YOU… THANK YOU!

P.s. this recount from one of our talented writers sums up the camps emotions quite well I think…

P.p.s checkout our slideshow

As I nervously climb the astonishingly large pole, 8 upcoming platforms approach me. All I hear is “go Oscar!” while I continuously jump from platform to platform. “C’mon Oscar,just keep jumping.” My mind says to me with encouragement. As my accelerated body lands on the fourth platform my mind is stuck between two decisions. Do I go with my gut which tells me to keep jumping or do I go with my brain which tells me to stop and jump down? I safely go with the brain and majestically get bivied down to the soft muddy ground. As I get used to not being in a harness I have a sense of proudness and happiness.

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