“What is War?” Homework Project

This term Room 4 has being investigation and learning about World War One and Two and a variety of concepts lying around war. With the 100th anniversary ANZAC Day being held this year, it provided great opportunities for our students to learn about the First World War. Lots of big questions were being asked about war and what it involves so the students were given the big question “What is War?” They choose a sub-category to focus on (Weapons, Nurses, Trenches, Air force etc.) and followed their own Inquiry Model to complete their research.

What they did: Connected with their prior knowledge (What do I already know about this), created key questions to focus on, choose a variety of resources to use to complete their research and used these, organised the information they gathered (choose the best answers for their questions and put it into their own words) and presented their information.

What I loved about this was how everyone got to use their own creative outlook to present their information.

Another aspect which was highly important in the inquiry process was reflecting on their learning, what did I do well and what can I improve on?

Well done Room 4!

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